Having 8 sessions allows for the client to become completely comfortable with the coaching relationship in order to explore things that are close and personal to them. In most cases, the first couple of sessions involve building rapport between myself and the client so they can gain a sense of ease and understanding of the coaching process. With a firm foundation in place, the remaining 6 sessions give us time enough to explore where the client is currently at, look at new perspectives together and for the client to reflect on the progress they are making outside of the sessions. This time frame allows for the client’s learning and insights to become embedded in their everyday life, making the coaching gains sustainable.



Innate Connection represents the innate connection everyone has with themselves and with everyone else. I chose this name to reflect the coaching approach I use and to point to the natural connection within that can be so fruitful to explore together.


How do you make the coaching personal?

Through getting to know clients, I am able to build a relationship with them in which they are able to say how they would like to use the coaching space. All coaching will involve a reflective conversation and the client can choose activities they would like to intertwine into this. They might include arts and crafts, taking a walk, meditation or playing games.


Schools – schools are invoiced at the end of each month for the services incurred or a payment plan can be agreed with each individual school.

Private clients - this is down to individual choice: most clients pay monthly for sessions by BACs, but some pay cash as they go and some make BACs payments as they go. The exact payment schedule is agreed with each individual client.

What is wellbeing coaching?

Wellbeing Coaching involves a conversation between a client and a coach about things that are important to the client in regards to their wellbeing. The conversation is led by the client and is developmental in nature; meaning clients are often seeking to make changes that are long-term and sustainable for their lives. Clients might explore things they'd like to think or feel differently about, situations they are finding challenging or spend time getting to know and understand themselves better.

Coaching takes many forms, with some coaches using tools or techniques to help re-frame or adjust the experience of the client. Wellbeing Coaching at Innate Connection takes a slightly different path to traditional coaching, with no attachment to a particular formula or way a coaching session should go. I use an intuitive approach; pointing the client to the wisdom within themselves and helping them to listen to that. It is a simple and organic way to coach, trusting on what arises in the moment from the coach or the client to help each individual session take form.