Uncovering Confidence, Revealing Resilience, Unveiling Self-Esteem

No one is broken, no one needs fixing; at your core, you are complete and whole already.
Everything you need is within you. 



Being equally human as you and beside you on life’s journey, I understand that you may feel broken and lost at times. However, I know that you are innately whole and deeply okay no matter what you are experiencing. Through nurtured, client-led coaching and workshops with Innate Connection, space is held to uncover your confidence, reveal your resilience and unveil your self-esteem – empowering you to take your life forward in the way you wish.

Free-of-charge initial consultation

Experience shows me that quick fixes are promises that cannot be fulfilled; when you are looking for transformational change, you need to invest your time. To ensure we are the right fit, I offer a free-of-charge initial consultation - our 'chemistry session' - to see if we feel there is good chemistry between us for our work together. After we have established a connection, together we focus on nurturing and revealing the wellbeing within you, taking a minimum of 8 sessions together to engage in this process. 



One in ten children and young people aged 5 to 16 has a clinically diagnosed mental health disorder and around one in seven has less severe problems.



Innate Connection has provided wellbeing support to 15 schools across Cornwall over the last two years. 



It is known that 50% of mental illness in adult life (excluding dementia) starts before age 15 and 75% by age 18.


july 2018

“Vicky has helped my daughter for a few years now and the transformation in my daughter is amazing. She has learnt how to cope with her emotions, which has made life for her a lot easier.”