Wellbeing Workshops


Innate Connection's wellbeing services for schools enhance and instil the welfare of staff and pupils, fostering  a sense of community, greater self-esteem, better decision-making and a focused and balanced head-space for your pupils, staff and school. Workshops take place at our small-holding farm in Mount Hawke.

Wellbeing is at the core of us all. It is a deep sense of peace, security and self-worth that is accessible no matter what your immediate or on-going challenges, upsets or feelings.

These group workshops provide the chance for you to stop, be still and give breathing space to enable you to deepen your own, and other's, sense of wellbeing.

During collective wellbeing workshops, we work to foster a sense of community and promote the wellbeing of school staff and children. Our workshops are a powerful opportunity for staff and children to gain clarity over what they already know and understand about wellbeing, as well as a chance to explore new perspectives. The workshops offer the chance to harness kindness and empowerment, learning that no one is broken, no one needs fixing, and that a deep sense of wellbeing is always within us. The process enables independent thinking and, as such, uncovers confidence, reveals resilience and unveils self-esteem.



Initial Consultations are free of charge, so if you'd like to meet or have a chat on the phone, then please do get in touch - I'd love to hear from you.


For Staff

Do you want to foster a more supportive classroom and school? Progress your staff's professional or leadership development? Do you need help supporting specific pupils? Wellbeing Workshops are the ideal way to unite your team and explore wellbeing in a way that is meaningful and sustainable in your school.


5-10 staff:
£600 for full-day workshop
£300 for a half-day workshop

Staff workshops



For Children

Are you seeking to support a particular class or year group with wellbeing? Would you like the children to develop better relationships, understand themselves better and develop language to be able to talk about their thoughts and feelings? Wellbeing Workshops provide a year-long exploration that will impact their wellbeing for life.



If you'd like to hear more about my approach to wellbeing, please check out this podcast, from Coaching Connect, that I was fortunate to be part of! 


5-8 children, for a series of 8 workshops:
£200 for half-day workshop
£350 for full-day workshop

Children's workshops