Retreat Days 


Tailored for individuals or groups, retreat days offer you the chance to take some time out of your busy schedule and take a step back. Taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings on our small holding farm on the north coast of Cornwall, you will have the opportunity to connect with nature and fall back into a state of reflection. 

Retreat days are part of my coaching package; they are the perfect way to explore your mind. The extra time allows you to really listen to yourself and do what feels right. I have enjoyed many activities such as; picking flowers, cooking, creating a pinboard, making decorative bowls, feeding the farm animals and going on walks! Overall, Vicky helps me greatly and I recommend you give retreat days a go!
— Young person, coaching client, 2018

Within this safe space you will be invited to explore what is important to you in relation to mental health and wellbeing, tuning into your own life experience, and introducing a new perspective – looking in the direction of the innate power and wellbeing that resides within you already. Doing so can have transformational effects, as you begin to wake up to the utter amazingness of who you truly and already are. Our retreat days are woven into your normal one-to-one coaching and allow time to slow down and instil the ideas we have discussed in more detail.


Individual introductory rate of £125 per client (block of 8 coaching sessions must be booked, some of which might be retreat days, see FAQs for why).

Retreat days for individuals


Group Retreat Days

As well as all to be gained from an individual retreat day, group retreat days also foster a sense of community, holding sacred space for reflective group conversations and exploration of new perspectives and self-validation. The exact format of a group retreat day is shaped by the group, so each day is personalised. Taking time for group discussion and reflection will be a core activity, with groups also able to choose other activities such as tending to the animals, art and craft, meditation and walking

The group retreat day was calming; it brought peace-of-mind and clarity for us. We were safe in a beautiful place that felt like we were somewhere else! We have left with greater understanding and wanting to come back to continue the journey.”
— Young Women's Retreat Day, August 2018

£250 per person, 4-6 participants.

A young-person discount can be discussed, please get in touch to ask.
Retreat days can be booked as one-off sessions or as part of a block over a longer period of time for those looking for deeper development and transformation.

Group retreat

You might feel uncertain about attending a retreat day as they are something new for you, but it’s such a breath of fresh air! I didn’t know how much I needed that time out to think about what was going on for me until I was there. I highly recommend these days for anyone!
— Retreat day client, 2018