Individual Coaching


Private coaching for children, young people and adults allows clients to connect with the innate resources that reside within them. The direction of travel with Innate Connection is one toward a greater sense of self-esteem, confidence, wellbeing, love and hope.


Uncovering within you an innate sense of wellbeing allows you to know there is nothing within you to fix; that you are perfectly complete and deeply okay. Private coaching enables you to take the time for reflective conversations around areas of importance to you, as well as exploring a different perspective on the nature of the human experience. New perspectives might include a deeper understanding of the power of thought, how this links to our feelings, and how, in any moment, you have the power for insight leading to fresh ideas and new perspectives.


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For Children and Young People

Is your child or a child you know feeling anxious or worried? Are they exhibiting challenging behaviours or appearing to lack self-confidence? Wellbeing coaching can help them to discover their inner bounce and natural resilience.


Wellbeing coaching for children promotes emotional intelligence, self-awareness and an overall sense of ease, security and possibility.

Coaching instils the understanding that they are not broken, do not need fixing and have an innate sense of wholeness already within them.

The enjoyable space created through coaching, as well as the evolving coaching relationship, allows the child to gain an awareness of any situation that may require deeper reflection or exploration, thus giving them the understanding to face any current or future challenges. This service is valuable for any child who would benefit from personalised one-to-one support within a relaxed, secure and engaging space.

During our time together, the interest of the child is paramount to making the wellbeing sessions really personal and engaging. The purpose of any activity is to allow the child to be in the moment where they will naturally fall into a state of creativity, ease and contentment. Once a child is in a balanced state of mind, they are more able to discuss any problems or challenges they are having with a wider perspective, taking a step back from whatever they have been finding hard to see new ways forward or to be able to ask for the help they need.

One-to-one has helped me to know I am kind, funny, nice, loving, helpful and lovely. It has helped me to know those things because when I do stuff with Vicky it helps me know I am a good person
— Child receiving coaching

During coaching sessions, activities that help the child’s mind to clear might include art and craft, reading a book together, taking a walk, building dens or playing ball games. Once settled, the child tends to be ready to open up. Sometimes, however, a child doesn’t want to talk about what they are finding challenging but I find having a chance to completely be themselves, to be relaxed, secure and calm, with one-to-one attention from a caring professional, resets their compass. Using my coaching approach intertwined with activities, I listen deeply to the child, asking them questions to help them see the world, and themselves, with new eyes.

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For Adults

Are you feeling anxious or depressed, feel like you are struggling or are lacking a sense of ease? Are you always searching for tools and techniques to help you to feel better? Do you find that some of the tools you use help for a short while until old ways of thinking or feeling return? Personalised one-to-one coaching with Innate Connection could help you look in a new direction, finding within what you have been searching for.


Innate Connection's wellbeing coaching will help you to look in a new direction: inwards rather than outwards.

Through greater self-understanding and self-validation, you'll find whatever you need in the moment, empowering you to know that you are not broken, that you have what you need at all times, that you are already whole, perfectly complete and deeply okay.

From this space, you can solve problems, find practical solutions and live life with confidence through clarity of mind.

Coaching sessions with Vicky has enabled me to re-assess my priorities, particularly in relation to workload. I have been able to evaluate my approaches to my practice and have revealed some of the mistakes I have made when trying to do ‘a good job’, i.e. My default was to continuously work which compromised both my effectiveness and my wellbeing
— Teacher receiving coaching

The coaching package

for children, young people and adults

To ensure we are a right fit, a free of charge initial consultation is offered.
Coaching packages are £560, which includes:

- An open and non-judgemental space to explore things of importance to the you.

- The chance to slow down, taking time to reflect and connect with your inner voice and true self.

- Time in an environment with the in-built therapeutic benefits of the outdoors and contact with animals.

- 8 coaching sessions of 90 minutes each, to provide the space for the client to experience transformation over a sustained period of time.

- Personal contact in between sessions. For young person coaching this contact with be either via the young person themselves or their parents. For the adult clients, this will be with the client themselves. This communication offers an extra form of support and the reassurance of being “held in mind” between coaching, which further enhances the transformation process.

(see FAQs for why the package includes 8 coaching sessions).