Nurture and Nourish Programme

Our times shared with Vicky on the farm will always remain in the heart of our family. They benefitted us in ways that only nature can. Such a special place and special people; thank you.
— Parent on Nurture & Nourish with her son

private clients

The Nurture and Nourish Programme with Innate Connection makes the most of the beautiful surroundings on our small-holding farm, enabling you to connect to nature and take some valuable time for yourself.

The sessions involve visiting the farm and working with me in a way that is relaxed and promotes self-nourishment through contact with the natural surroundings, animals and the gentle routine of farm-life. Individuals or families visit the farm for between 60 and 90 minutes per session, spending time together in easy conversation whilst we potter about in the peaceful surroundings.


This package is ideal for those who would like to be held in a safe and loving space, with the opportunity to express themselves in a slower and less-direct way than through a coaching conversation. My philosophy of holding dear the wellbeing that resides in each individual is ever-present and forms the foundation for any interaction we have. I begin with any client I work with knowing they have within them everything they need; knowing they are complete and whole already. With this sacred knowledge, the relaxed environment and authentic connection between us, you are welcomed here, as is anything you’d like to discuss as our relationship grows.

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Aspects of wellbeing may arise naturally in conversations between us and through this the programme can be personalised to you, listening to your own intuition. Some clients use the space to enjoy the farm, whilst others will try meditation with me, take a Reiki treatment, create some art or prepare some nourishing food. The path can unfold naturally as we progress along it, with no pressure to move in any particular direction, trusting in our own wisdom and awareness to guide us.


As with coaching, I ask clients to commit to a minimum of 8 sessions for the Nurture and Nourish Programme, to enable you to give yourself the gift of time to nurture and nourish yourself and to embark on this aspect of your wellbeing journey.


Experience shows me that, at times, the most valuable thing to allow ourselves is time to be; free from demands of our normal life, enabling our innate wellbeing to naturally rise to the surface. As many of us know from our own lives, spending this time outdoors and in contact with animals has a particularly beneficial effect on the entire “bodymind”, enabling us to relax and to reconnect with who we really are.

Nurture and Nourish Programme

To ensure we are a right fit, a free of charge initial consultation is offered.
Nurture and Nourish packages are £560, which includes:

- An open and non-judgemental space to be yourself and to connect with the real you.

- The chance to slow down, taking time to reflect and enjoy time in nature and on the farm.

- Time in an environment with the in-built therapeutic benefits of the outdoors and contact with animals.

- 8 sessions of 90 minutes each, to provide the space and time for you to recalibrate and gain a sense your innate wellbeing and inner peace.

- Personal contact in between sessions as an extra form of support and the comfort of being “held in mind” between sessions.

(see FAQs for why the package includes 8 sessions).