Individual Coaching


Our one-to-one coaching sessions allow for open discussion, specific to each pupil or staff member's wellbeing. Within a safe environment we enable free-flowing and honest conversations, holding space for self-validation and vulnerability.

During our time together, we work to enhance your wellbeing by developing an understanding of emotions and insightful thinking to gain a greater sense of peace. As your coach, I will act as your guide to point you towards the innate resilience, resourcefulness and wellbeing that already lies within you.


For Children

Is a pupil you know anxious or worried? Are they exhibiting challenging behaviours or appearing to lack self-confidence? Have they (or might they in the near future) experienced trauma and need support? Personalised wellbeing coaching could help.

Vicky’s natural enthusiasm and her ability to relate to the children at all levels, identifying areas of need and finding positive solutions, has inspired so many children to believe in themselves and look for ways to turn their lives around. She is equally at home with children with exceptional needs as she is with those with exceptional ability. She covers the whole spectrum.
— Headteacher, 2018

£55 per coaching session, 45 minutes per session (block of 8 must be booked per child).

Child individual coaching



For Staff

Do you or a staff member want to feel more fulfilled in the classroom? Are you looking to progress in your professional or leadership development? Do you need help supporting a specific pupil? Wellbeing coaching could give you valuable one-to-one, reflective space you need to move forwards.

Coaching with Vicky has allowed me to explore the thinking that has been preventing me from enjoying my profession as much as I once did, and all of this is done within a safe, secure and trusting environment. Vicky always creates a relaxed atmosphere, which has always made me feel comfortable about opening up about the difficulties I have faced.

£70 per coaching session (block of 8 must be booked per member of staff)

Staff individual coaching