Family Wellbeing Days

We were looking for a way that we could enjoy some quality-time together as mother and daughter, away from the distractions of everyday life. The day for us was about making memories and finding space to connect.
— Client on Family Day, August 2019
Mother and daughter enjoying some artistic relaxation together in the Well Tent.

Mother and daughter enjoying some artistic relaxation together in the Well Tent.

Time with those who are special to you

Are you looking for a space to spend quality time with a loved one? Would you like time to have a unique and rich experience together? Are you wanting to escape the fast-paced nature of life and slow down to a gentle beat for a while?

If you are, then I’m offering a service just for you! You can come to spend time with me at the farm with a day built around you, for you. This service is for you and those close to you, for enriching and strengthening relationships. You might be a parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, uncle and nephew or cousins; this is for any family or special relationship that matters to you 💕

You can book half or full days and tailor the activities around your interests, making it a really personal day.

Our day started with a delicious organic lunch, which Vicky had arranged with us beforehand. We were then able to choose from a wide range of activities. We chose to walk, talk, paint, colour, collect the eggs and feed the pigs.

Having a choice makes the day individual as you can decide what to do that’s personal to you.It’s so important to have time to really connect in our relationships and the openness of the retreat gives you that chance to open up.
— Client on Family Day, August 2019
The setting is a really natural environment, which gives you the chance to connect with nature and each other at the same time.

Coming to Innate Connection at the farm gives you an insight to things you wouldn’t normally be able to do.
Vicky’s facilitation enables you to reach a deeper level of understanding, connection, communication and ultimately your own wellbeing. You forget about the trivial things in life. It clears your mind, allowing space for you to be in the moment. It gives you the space to find the wellbeing within yourself.

family wellbeing days

A full-day runs from 11:00am to 5:00pm and includes lunch.

* Special introductory rate *

£300 for the whole family (up to 6 people).